The Second IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Testing

3rd-6th August 2020
Keble College, Oxford University, UK

The final conference timetable is now available.





Latest News:

30 Sep. 2020
Proceedings now online
Proceedings for the conference are now available on the IEEE site: View Proceedings

30 Sep. 2020
Best paper award
Two awards were made as follows:

Best Paper on Testing AI System:
Title: “Dealing with Robustness of Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Classification”
By Paolo Arcaini, Andrea Bombarda, Silvia Bonfanti and Angelo Gargantini


Best Paper on AI-Based Testing:
Title: “Identifying and Generating Missing Tests using Machine Learning on Execution Traces”
By Mark Utting, Bruno Legeard, Frédéric Dadeau, Frédéric Tamagnan and Fabrice Bouquet

31 Jul. 2020
Final Conference Timetable
The final conference timetable has been uploaded. Access it from the homepage or click here: Final Timetable

29 Jul. 2020
Homepage Update
The "Brief Instruction to Conference Partners" section has been added to the homepage.

29 Jul. 2020
IEEE AITest Online
The conference is now an online only event. It will take place from 4th August to 6th August, while online resources will become available from 3rd August. The virtual space of the online conference is hosted on Moodle system. All registered participants have been invited to get access to the virtual space by email. If you are registered but have not received the invitation, please contact the Executive Organisation Chair Prof. Hong Zhu by email at

14 Jul. 2020
IEEE AITest 2020 Reschedule
AITest 2020 and all co-located conferences will take place as a virtual online event.

  • Authors' presentations will consist of both:
    1. A brief live summary talk during the online conference followed by a live Q&A session for each paper as well as...
    2. A longer and more in-depth pre-recorded talk, available for watching prior to the conference.
  • The online event will be accompanied by a number of additional live plenary sessions and keynotes.
  • Paper presentations, plenary sessions, and keynotes will take place on August 4, 5, and 6.
  • The first conference day on August 3 will be dedicated to watching the full paper presentations and meeting informally online.
  • More information about AI Test's schedule will be available nearer the conference date.

16 Mar. 2020
IEEE AITest 2020 Reschedule
AITest 2020 has new been rescheduled for the 3rd-6th August 2020

11 Mar. 2020:
IEEE AITest 2020 Postponement
IEEE AITest and the co-located conferences will be POSTPONED TO SUMMER 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The exact new date of the conference will be announced very soon.

Making this decision has not been easy. This decision was made by the joint steering committee of the co-located conferences after numerous discussions and telephone calls, several rounds of consultations with IEEE's Event Organisation Team, and renegotiations with the venue host. We have taken into consideration the current state and predictions officially announced by the UK government and many other countries. We have carefully compared various options, such as running the conferences online, completely canceling the conferences, and running it as it was scheduled plus online presentations for those who cannot attend, etc., assessed the impacts on both the academic and scientific quality of our event, the health and well-beings of conference delegates, as well as the financial viability. We believe that this is the most responsible reaction to the current situation of Covid-19 outbreak.

This is the refund policy for the registration fees and accommodation bookings:

  • Authors’ registrations cannot be refunded. Authors who still cannot attend the conference in person at the postponed dates due to good reasons will be allowed to present their work online remotely.
  • Non-author registrations can be refunded upon request, but will have to be deducted by 10% of the registration fees to cover the cost of bank transactions and online registration facility usage fees.
  • Accommodation bookings can be refunded upon request, but also have to be deducted by 10% of the booking price to cover the cost of bank transactions and online registration facility usage fees.
  • For non-author registrations and accommodation bookings, please consider to delay your refund request until you finally decide not to attend, because if you make a future registration for the postponed event or accommodation booking after the refund, it will be treated as a new booking by the registration tool.

All refund requests must be made on the registration website.

We will provide another status update via email and on the conference website. In the meantime, stay healthy.

12 Feb. 2020:
The list of accepted papers is now available. To view the list, see PROGRAM GLANCE

12 Feb. 2020:
Information on CO-LOCATED CONFERENCES is now available.

12 Feb. 2020:
The registration page is now available. If you you wish to register you can do so here, or by clicking the link at the top of the page. Register

26 Nov. 2019:
The dates for Abstract submission and Full paper submission have been updated to the 2nd Dec 2019 and the 9th Dec 2019 respectively.

19 Aug. 2019:
Latest news will appear here for the 2020 conference. You can now view the archive for the 2019 conference. 2019 Archive

The IEEE Second International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Testing (AITest 2020)

About the Conference:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are widely used in computer applications to perform tasks such as monitoring, forecasting, recommending, prediction, and statistical reporting. They are deployed in a variety of systems including driverless vehicles, robot controlled warehouses, financial forecasting applications, and security enforcement and are increasingly integrated with cloud/fog/edge computing, big data analytics, robotics, Internet-of-Things, mobile computing, smart cities, smart homes, intelligent healthcare, etc. In spite of this dramatic progress, the quality assurance of existing AI application development processes is still far from satisfactory and the demand for being able to show demonstrable levels of confidence in such systems is growing. Software testing is a fundamental, effective and recognized quality assurance method which has shown its cost-effectiveness to ensure the reliability of many complex software systems. However, the adaptation of software testing to the peculiarities of AI applications remains largely unexplored and needs extensive research to be performed. On the other hand, the availability of AI technologies provides an exciting opportunity to improve existing software testing processes, and recent years have shown that machine learning, data mining, knowledge representation, constraint optimization, planning, scheduling, multi-agent systems, etc. have real potential to positively impact on software testing. Recent years have seen a rapid growth of interests in testing AI applications as well as application of AI techniques to software testing. This conference provides an international forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange novel research results, to articulate the problems and challenges from practices, to deepen our understanding of the subject area with new theories, methodologies, techniques, processes models, etc., and to improve the practices with new tools and resources.

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Important Dates

Abstract submission:
25th November 2019

Extended to 2nd December 2019

Full paper submission:
2nd December 2019

Extended to 9th December 2019

10th January 2020

Camera ready submission:
31st January 2020


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